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Hole Board Wall - Shelf Hooks - Self-adhesive

Hole Board Wall - Shelf Hooks - Self-adhesive

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Elevate Your Space with the Hole Board Wall Shelf Hooks: Where Function Meets Creativity

Unleash your inner visionary with the Hole Board Wall Shelf Hooks, a versatile and imaginative storage solution designed for creators like you. Crafted with high-quality PS material and featuring a self-adhesive backing, this shelf is not just storage; it's a canvas for your personal touch.


Tailored to Your Vision: Create your unique arrangement with multiple holes, allowing you to customize and craft your own personalized corner of inspiration.

Unleash Your Creativity: Mix and match plates of all kinds, splicing together a corner that embodies your distinctive style and character.

Seamless Installation: With a hassle-free adhesive backing, there's no need for drilling or complex installations. Transform your space effortlessly.

A Home for Everything: Ideal for storing a wide array of daily necessities, from kitchen supplies to potted plants and stationery. It's a versatile canvas for your essentials.

Simple Yet Striking: The elegant design ensures that installation is straightforward, allowing you to focus on curating your perfect space.



  • Large Hole Board: 42*30cm
  • Small Hole Board: 21*30cm


  • Shelf: PS
  • Adhesive: Included

Unleash your creativity, organize your essentials, and make your space uniquely yours with the Hole Board Wall Shelf Hooks. It's not just storage; it's an extension of your imagination. Elevate your surroundings and let your creations thrive. Order yours today and embark on a journey of inspired organization!

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